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IT is quite possibly of our most famous class, with top to bottom courses and instructional exercises across all parts of data innovation. Join today to find out about cryptographic money, blockchain, PC systems administration and server the board. You can take free classes for popular dialects like Python, JavaScript and C++, applying for true affirmation to take your programming vocation to a higher level.

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About – SMECIT

SMEC Technologies is the Information Technology development division of SMEC group of companies. We provide skill enhancement training and certification in almost all of the essential software platforms and company specific software.

SMEC began its journey as an Automation firm in Kochi in the year 2001. We had over 20 years of remarkable experience providing quality services to our customers when we decided to take a bigger step. We prepared to set out and achieve greatness in a wider field of businesses. With all that invaluable experience and expertise, we decided to venture into the Information Technology sector. It was back then and will be for the foreseeable future, the fastest growing industry on the planet. Information technology is the key to the future. But on getting into the Information Technology Industry, we understood that it is very hard to find the rightly skilled candidate with knowledge that was acquired on handling projects. Since then, we were searching for the right IT course provider and what we ended in was coaching centres without any exposure to the reality.

Best software training

IT Course providers are numerous and many give partial knowledge and doesn’t get into the core topics as they are very hard to express in Theory. Having hands-on on projects alone will give the exact understanding of the subject such as Java, Python, Data Science, Oracle, Digital Marketing, Android etc. It takes a lot of patience and creativity to understand the requirements and design algorithms to meet those requirements. Having over 2 decades of experience in Skill Enhancement, SMEC finally decides to take responsibility in creating the best Information Technology Engineers or Experts. We designed various courses, having the basics in Python and we formed a structure to begin with fundamentals of C, C++, JAVA & Python. Based on the trade the candidate choose we start from the scratch. A well-planned IT course to bring out the professional in you.

Short term courses

We believe in learning through doing. Providing a fresh vision and well-thought-out approach towards learning, our experienced faculty and other training staff work relentlessly towards creating the Mecca of Information Technology education. Research and development and training are the primary pillars of SMEC Technologies. We are always learning. We are always Growing. Combining the future of technological advancements with quality research and training, we create a strong base for people who decide to come in and join us. We understood that Information Technology is classified in a particular pattern and so we decided that IT course too should follow a certain pattern for better understanding. So, we focused on various verticals of IT courses, such as Software related, Network related, Cloud related, Testing related, Management related and Marketing related.

Professional courses

Equipped with the latest technology than from what anyone can offer, we’re always on the quest of looking for advancements and innovation in the world of Information Technology Training. As a part of that our IT courses are designed with an execution plan starting with building a strong basic, constructing ideologies and methodologies, exercises to train the creative thoughts from within, projects to sharpen what you have learnt and finally opportunities to perform. Our Cisco Certified Networking courses are thus one among the most demanded IT course along with Python Course, Software Testing course, Digital Marketing Course, Data Science Course, Artificial Intelligence Course, SAP Course and Tally Course in Kochi.


Why choose SMECIT

We care about providing individual attention to personnel while training to ensure maximum effectiveness if knowledge sharing. Interactive session is very important for IT courses as it helps in understanding the concepts. We prepare students to go out and face the world with confidence. Special class for interview preparation, communication skills, resume preparation, mock interviews etc. is another bonus of doing IT course with SMEC. Emphasis is laid on preparing them for group discussion and activities involving social skills and ensure complete holistic development as well.

An orientation session is conducted to give an idea of corporate behavior, ethics and future scops so that after doing an IT course one should also be ready to be immediately acquired and adapt to the work environment. Majority of aspirants are unaware of how to plan their career after they get into the job. Some are stagnant, some switch domains on a dilemma but the ones who are trained in the right path will just grow exponentially in the world of Information Technology.